Choose the ObjectStore product that’s right for your organization

2013 Standard

The powerful, object-oriented database management system for applications that demand reliable, transactional object persistence and real-time data caching.

ObjectStore 2013 is available for C++ and Java, and includes multiple enhancements over historic versions of the software. Enhancements include:

  • Large cache feature for 64 bit systems
  • Improved support for simultaneous query execution
  • Improved ability to process schema associated with common C++ libraries such as Boost
  • wchar support in Dictionaries, indexes and query interface
  • Osquery – Run queries without programming
  • Osview – Database editing and support for integration with other utilities
  • JSON output for Xpath
  • Runtime support for x86-based virtual machines

Supported Platforms:

O/S Family Operating System Compiler Java
Windows Windows 7
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows 8
Windows 8.1 (NEW!)
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2 (NEW)
Visual Studio 2010
Visual Studio 2012-Update 3
Oracle Java 7
Linux RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.1
RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.4
GCC 4.4.5
GCC 4.4.7
Oracle Java 7


A single-process object data management and modeling solution to accommodate your organization’s high transaction rates and large data volumes.

PSE Pro is a lightweight version of ObjectStore Standard, requiring a small memory footprint. Designed for developing single-user applications such as control systems, CAD applications, or apps embedded in handheld devices such as Sonic MQ or OpenEdge Management, PSE Pro offers:

  • Transparent persistence, but not distribution
  • Low/No administration requirements
  • C++ and pure Java Versions